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JupiterssMoons Botanica & Apothecary has created a unique and original line of spell candles. Each candle is adorned in oils, herbs, crystals, and blessed with a special sigil that Jax Cat has created. She goes into ceremony with a set intention and imbues her magic into each and every candle.


Venus Embodiemnt - fixed spell candle 


  • radical self love
  • sexual admiration of self
  • empowerment
  • confidence
  • new lust for life
  • creative break throughs 
  • manifesting 
  • discovering new facets of yourself 


•Your petition must be in correlation with the candle - you will write your intention along with your full name and birthdate. Fold the paper towards you 3 times and place under your candle.

•Each time you light the candle, give you gratitude, if you have to leave the candle unattended, snuff out with love and gratitude.

•Ideally you should leave this candle on until the burn is complete.

•Place candle into a bowl of water for heat safety.

Venus Embodiment

  • All sales are final - no exchanges or returns.

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