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Mullein - Verbascum Thapsus - a species of mullein native to Europe, northern Africa, and Asia, and introduced in the Americas and Australia.

Other Names: the great mullein, greater mullein or common mullein.


Mullein is a sacred plant that supports the return of lost energy.  Use mullein to help you return your mind to peace. Use it to help you return to a night of restful sleep.

Mullein Smudge Stick has been used in ceremonial circles by the Navajo to help lost souls find their way back to spirit, giving it a historical reputation as an herb ally for mental health.


  • health
  • love
  • courage
  • returning to the Divine
  • opening heart & mind 
  • protection
  • exorcism 
  • helps with nightmares


This harvest was consciously sourced from The Great Basin area of California.



100% Ethically Sourced / 100% Natural / Organic / Vegan friendly /  No artificial colour or fragrance / Locally grown in California / Handmade in Los Angeles

Mullein Leaf Bundle

  • All sales are final. No exchanges or returns.

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