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Chrysanthemum Morifolium,  known as “Ju Hua,” in China is a bitter herb used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The Chinese cultivated chrysanthemum around three thousands years ago – herbalists brewed the blossoms into a tea that was rejuvenating, and said to restore youth to those who were aging. The chrysanthemum seems to be an all-purpose medicinal plant, being offered as a cure for everything from dizziness and poor vision to hypertension and the common cold.


Health benefits of chrysanthemum flowers have been reported to have the following properties 


  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Anti-pyretic 
  • Anti-arthritic
  • Anti-hypertensive  
  • Sedative


Chrysanthemum are associated with the sun itself, and are thus often associated with fire. they can offer protection; as an  offering on altars; can increases passion and power; increases romance; creativity; connecting with the spirit world.


Chrysanthemums come in a variety of shades and colors, you can utilize different colors of the flower for a wide range of purposes. If you’re using color magic around your home, try white for purification and healing, the red or purple varieties for passion and power, pink for romance, or yellow and orange for the fiery energy of the sun.


100% Ethically Sourced / 100% Natural / Organic / Vegan friendly /  NON GMO 

Yellow Chrysanthemum

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