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I’m Jax, also known as @jupiterss.moons and I am a Queer Xicana Bruja rooted in Los Angeles, California. I have an extensive background in Occult studies for over 9 years. I sought out knowledge through the lens of many different cultures, in differents periods of time. I have collecting and integrating that knowledge, with the utmost respect, into my own practice. I am a life long student of Earth and her herbs, botanicals, floras, and other natural healing modalities that she offers. Since a young age, perhaps with the help of my once, strict religious upbringing, I knew there was a higher power that was present within each one of us, speaking tongues in the form of love, ideas, solutions, acts of kindness, true compassion and empathy. Without knowing, I was easily able to grasp onto the idea of Divinity - even at such a young age. All who walk this earth are beings of the Divine - in turn we are all born with this inherit yearning for an indescribable truth, to know or to remember the magic that runs within our veins. This voice can and will grow strong, as long as we tend to this more curious nature and I continue to dedicate my time to nurture my spirit’s curiosity for the Divine oddities of life. My calling is to share guidance, as you tap into and understand the Divine oddities within yourself. With the blessings of my Ancestors & Guides, we can explore the many different forms of Divination services that I offer.

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Jupiterss Moons
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