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Jax Cat

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A little about me. . .

Hello my love, it’s an honor to have you here! I’m Jax Cat, a Queer Xicana Bruja and founder of JupiterssMoons Botanica & Apothecary, which I birthed in June 2022. I have an extensive background in self-taught occult studies for over 10 years. I have sought out knowledge through the lens of many different cultures and different periods of time, with the utmost respect for closed practices. From a very young age I understood the meaning of a “higher power” or “God” whichever suites you. Perhaps this was partially due to my strict catholic upbringing? Religious trauma aside, my 6 year old self knew magic lived within each of us. That magic, speaking tongues in the form of unconditional love, ideas, solutions, acts of kindness, true compassion and empathy. Without knowing it, I was easily grasping and conceptualizing what Divinity is and means. All who walk this beautiful earth are beings of the Divine - in turn we are all born with an inherit yearning for an indescribable truth, to know and remember the magic that runs within our veins. The sovereignty of being connected to the sacredness that is you. 

This voice that is calling you forward to your highest destiny can and will grow stronger, as long as you tend to your creative fire and child like curiosity. There are Divine oddities in life, and I make it my responsibility to tap into that power. As a life long student of earth, her secrets, herbs, spices, floras and other natural healing modalities, my aim is to share that knowledge in tangible and fun ways. It is my calling and destiny to be here with you right now. With the blessing of my Spirit team, and your permission, I can help you tap into and understand the Divine oddities and magic within yourself. We can explore the many different divination services that I offer.


To inquire about a quote on tarot reading services for a private event please email us at

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