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Ritual body oil is intended to be used for magical purposes. I find it useful to have my roll-on oil with me in my purse or in my car. Who says a witch can't be convienent?


I've created Aphrodite oil with the intention of creating an impenetrable aura that radiates not only raw, sexual confidence and passion, but also, freedom, love and acceptance for who you are. This oil is potent and will cause attraction, for what is more appealing than someone exuding undeniable self love and confidence? Each bottle is imbued with crystals and herbs. You can also use this oil in love spells, which in essence is domination work.


  • divinity
  • sexuality 
  • desirable 
  • empowerment
  • lust for life
  • embracing the dark feminine
  • fulfilling your desires
  • prioritizing yourself



Quanity: 10ML

100% Ethically Sourced / 100% Natural / Organic / Vegan friendly /  No artificial colour or fragrance / Locally grown in California / Handmade in Los Angeles

Aphrodite Oil

  • All sales are final. No returns or exchanges.

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