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I have created a line of ritual products based on the occult classic film “The Love Witch”

The Love Witch Spell Candle will enhance the following qualities:

•Elevating your energy and aura

•Enigmatic sexuality

•Connecting to yourself in new ways

•Awakening to your dark sexual femininity

•Working with & understanding the power that lives within

•Truly loving every facet of yourself


The enigmatic power of the feminine has been targeted and forced into suppression since the dawn of mankind. Most women, unknowingly, are disconnected from who they truly are, what they are capable of and the significant power of dark sexual femininity. Now is the time to awaken to your truth and destroy the false narratives of self, what keeps you insecure, stuck and doubtful.

The Love Witch is an archetype of dark feminine energy, igniting the power to attract all things, including abundant opportunities, admirers, healthy relationships and manifesting your every desire. Dark feminine energy is an elevated mindset where you release shame and own every aspect of who you are - shadow and light, filled with need, desire and ambition - in order to express your truest self. It's about embracing the parts of you that are deemed forbidden and wrong in the eyes of society. It's about no longer apologizing for being who you are, dropping perfectionism and loving yourself unconditionally.

Dark Feminine Energy is a force within and around us all, she is receptive, formless, magnetic and wild. Yielding the power to say no to anything that does not serve your highest good. Focusing energy on self elevation and freedom, ensuring you can live an unapologetic lifestyle.

The Love Witch Spell Candle

  • All sales are final. No exchanges or returns.

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